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Curious regarding the number of less watches were imported from Europe towards the USA in '09? 37.9% less. That's lots of percent.
Now, many people might have thought that many Swiss Watchmakers might have gone bankrupt due to this, but remarkably, the majority of the bigger ones continue to be going strong. This either implies that the majority of that drop was from more compact merchants, or these The watchmaking industry titans have HUGE mark-ups on their own product!

Anyway, it's an enourmous blow towards the Swiss Watch Industry watching Sales in the united states without a doubt. Makes me question just how much merchants were laying in my experience after i walked into watch stores throughout the current recession so when I requested "How's Business?" every one explained "Its Great! Like there's no recession! Amazing is not it?". Type of turns me from the sales staff there given that they plain mislead us.
In whatever way.. interesting states. Some nations, mainly ones in Europe, only had small decreases for example France, Italia and Germany, all hanging around 13-14%.
Hopefully 2010 is a good year.